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WAGNER was established in 1946 and is still on its marks to this day! Branded and high quality fashion at sensible prices is still key to the clothing brand Wagner.
And it has been as such since the first store opened in Aalborg in 1946. The assortment at the time consisted of blazers and suits, down to a size age 4, and sports clothes and work wear.
Most of our selection was manufactured in Denmark and was in fashion for up to 3 years in a row. So that most men could be in fashion and on-beat without even knowing. But that’s not what it’s like anymore. Today, fashion changes constantly, so it’s all about having a finger on the pulse and being up-to-date on all trends of the time.

Vågsgata 33
4306 Sandnes

Telefon: 40 92 31 98

Hverdager 10-20
Lørdager 10-18

Her finner du butikken:

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